Losing weight is a challenge for many women worldwide. They try, some of them really hard, to cope with temptations and with the hectic lifestyle of today, but many of them fail. Even worse, after exhausting weight loss programs, they end up more overweight than they were when they started. The reason is that they quickly return to their old habits and to their unhealthy lifestyle, thus causing fat to start accumulating again. Other women fail because they simply cannot find the time and the motivation to go to the gym every day and spend at least one hour there doing cardio workouts and other exercises meant to improve their overall fitness level.

Everybody is different; therefore a one-fits-all program doesn’t always work. This is what makes the Venus Factor Program a very interesting option for women who care about the way they look. The program is not designed especially for women, but they are the ones who can drive the most benefits out of it, because of its 100% customization.

How Does the Venus Factor Work?

Weight-LossEverything starts with “the Venus index”, which is the relationship between various body measurements such as waist, hip and height. Starting from your height, which is something you can’t change, you can calculate your ideal waist measurement, which should be 30% of your height. After you got this, multiply it by 1.42 and you’ve got your ideal hip measurement. The waist measurement multiplied by 1.618 will give you the idea shoulder measurement.

Once you have got your Venus index, it’s easy to determine which area you will need to focus on the most. If you are very skinny, you might need to gain weight and not to lose it. The Venus Factor program can help all women reach their perfect proportions by indicating them what foods to eat and what kind of exercise they need to do in order to get there easily.

Starting from the Venus index, the following materials have been developed; materials which will help you shape your body to the ideal size:

The Body Centric Eating Guide

This guide will teach you what to eat and how to schedule your meals in order to get to your ideal shape. Your waist, hip and height measurements will determine the amount of calories you need to eat per day. This means that each individual will get a customized guide, since it is in direct relation with the personal measurements of each person.

The Venus Factor Workout Manual and Schedule

As the name implies, this guide will teach you how to exercise effectively for attaining your ideal shape. The workout program is 12 weeks long and it is divided into three distinct stages of four weeks each. If you follow the schedule closely, your muscles will get sculpted into the desired shape, so at the end of the 12 weeks program you’ll be a new person.

Community Membership and Support

When you join the Venus Factor program, you are automatically added to the community of women who are also members of the program. You have a discussion forum where you can keep track of your progress, ask questions, discuss with other women about various challenges and contribute to the support community that helps everybody get through this challenge easier and with better chances of success. Being part of a support group can help a great deal on the motivational side of such a challenge. We are social beings, therefore we like gathering together with people who are like us or who share the same problems as we do. It feels good to learn about other persons’ experience and each success story can motivate you keep doing the good job until you get to the results you want.

I was pleased with the Venus Factor program myself. I followed it closely and I can say that it worked for me. Not only I look much better today than before joining it, but I also feel better, I’m more fit and I can do the sports I like without getting exhausted that easily. I feel healthy and satisfied with my life and I’m happy some of the girls I met in the forums are now my good and trusted friends.